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Our Story

For the last decade all the CIT members have been involved in continuous innovation projects around S/4 HANA Cloud and C/4 HANA Cloud. And have provided technology solutions using the extension and solution services that are provided by the SAP Business Technology Platform. 

With SAP providing and positioning the SAP Business Technology Platform as the environment to be to extend your SAP Business Suite & Cloud Solutions while keeping your digital core clean, the associates of CIT Focus decided that this was the opportunity to bring their skills together in one single cooperation CIT Focus while keeping their own identities.

The main motivation that has been the driver to bring the CIT Focus members together in this new collective is that with SAP Business Technology Platform we not work in single solution services or modules and focus on specific technology silos. But we now have an association of approved experts operating in cooperation to offer to customers a service that covers all the technical integration, development, analytics and security services for a successful Platform roadmap implementation.

The CIT Focus cooperation is setup in late 2020 and only offers services to customers that can be fulfilled by associated members of the cooperation. 

Our Mission

Our focus as collective is to help you as technical solution partner for your transformation into the intelligent enterprise. To support we not only offer in-depth  technical expertise in the different SAP Business Technology Platform services but provide technical transformation journey coaching that helps customer to successfully implement within their organization, teams and compliance guide lines for the the selected Platform services. This is achieved by combining the solutions available in any of the below focused area’s  

Extending the digital core

This is an exciting area where there is a clear trend to move into the no- code/ low-code solutions - but in this journey you need to consider how to build and maintain the expertise in your organisation and what expert or technology team is executing this. Let us find together a solution for your digital core enhancements, hosted on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Is it native-coding, no-code or low-code? Let us show you use-cases and opportunities, you have on the Platform!

Integrating in your landscape

On SAP Netweaver PO we aimed for E2E integration with a middleware solution that combines integration with BPMN and BRM.
We now for this integration journey need to understand if we want E2E integration or provide an event- and service based framework. Or a combination of both to integrate into the customers landscape.
Together with our experts you will set up your integration strategy and the to be used product portfolio. We show you the nuts and bolts of the SAP Cloud Process Integration (CPI) on Business Technology Platform.

Security and compliance

A key aspect in the journeys to extend and integrate the digital core is to enable data security and compliance. For CIT Focus this is a solution journey that we highlight as a critical one to make sure that the data and extensions on the SAP Business Technology Platform are secured and authorized at the same level as your digital core.

Test automation

As the SAP Business Technology Platform is an innovation platform which provided services are getting continuously improved. This requires a journey to align your Platform regression- and E2E testing with your established digital core test automation. Together we're setting up and maintain your test automation strategy and tools.

Meet our members

CIT Focus is a European focused cooperation with member firms globally. All the CIT Focus members will operate under the CIT Focus brand and offer services individually or as a collective.

Have Any Questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Let’s speak about your digital transformation and how we can help you solving your issues together.

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