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UI5 Apps and Design Thinking – Starter Guide

User-Oriented approach with Design Thinking Design Thinking (UI Thinking) is a user-oriented approach to prevent and solve possible issues occuring while designing a business  application. Thus you will be able to save trouble even before its implementation. The meaning behind focusing on the user’s needs is to extract advantages of the two-way feedback from the[…]

Do I really need the Business Technology Platform?

Do I really need a Business Technology Platform by SAP? Many SAP customers do already have experience with cloud computing, running their environments within providers like Amazon Webservice (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Azure Cloud by Microsoft.  Having this in mind, the question “Do I really need to spend time, money and resources on[…]

DevOps Strategies for your App on Business Technology Platform – Cloud Foundry

What is a devOps strategy about? Transparency, functionality, operations and demands of your infrastructure are the key drivers of your devOps strategy. Comparing it with your ‘old R/3 onPremise’ world you did realize it with SAP Solution Manager.  So you did set up transport-pipelines between dev-stage-prod and maybe added some code checks or testing capabilities.[…]

How to start setting up a UI5 app?

How to start developing a UI5 app? There are a few opportunities to start with talking about setting up a UI5 application.  We like the template ideas from SAP and their way to provide templates via the “Template Wizard“. That’s a good starting point and SAP is taking care about maintaining always newest stuff inside[…]

Services on Business Technology Platform

The benefit of the Business Technology Platform are so called Services. These are features build and delivered in packages. Some of them you can subscribe to and some of them you need to deploy on your tenant. Useless? Keep it all together in one system like in the past? Ask yourself this question: Can you[…]

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